Innovation is teamwork. The complexity of new technologies requires bringing together many exceptional innovators.

The Mobility Group has made great progress last week. At one point it felt as if everyone was working full time on an open source project aiming to align insurance and mobility standards together.

Much of the work that has been done over the past 7 weeks has been technically exploratory as we all get to understand the nature of the relationship that could be developed between connected vehicles (signals generated by hundreds of sensors) and insurance use cases.

Indeed, we’ve had contributors from Toyota and Geotab. Other OEMs could become involved as well. It’s been a fantastic exercise.

We’ve now determined to a large extent how we will be proceeding in mapping vehicle signals to the OPIN data standard. We believe that development of further use cases should continue in order to make sure we cover as many customer journeys as possible and extract as much value for insurers as possible.

To do that, OPIN's Mobility Group will be divided  into two groups. One will handle data articulation and mapping between the OPIN and GENIVI/W3C standards based off use case scenarios. The second group will concentrate on use case development.


Open Insurance Data Domain

In addition to the weekly sessions (Fridays at 4:00pm UK time), both groups will be holding weekly breakout sessions mid-week and then both groups meet together every Friday to align and sync.


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