Membership is open to firms and organizations of all sizes. This includes insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, banks, FinTech platforms, vehicle OEMs, telematics developers, blockchain projects, HealthTech, hardware manufacturers and a whole host of organizations.


+ Participate in or lead Joint Projects

+ Participate in research projects and publications

+ Participate in co-development of Open Insurance standards

+ Participate in cross industry initiatives

+ Drive specification development and requirements

+ Join the Slack workspace with access to a host of the available channels. Community members can provide input on discussions and generate own topics

Members have the opportunity to get closer to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to also co-develop leading edge frameworks within an open innovation setting.

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“Covéa's membership of OPIN has been a brilliant hands on experience for me, I’ve been co-developing leading edge data models and post discovery planning looking at how implementation can work at Covéa. The value it’s added to our business and to my day to day role has led to us increasing the number of nominated individuals leading or participating in different OPIN projects from 1 to 4 chief architects.”

Neil Walker

Neil Walker
Head of Technology
Covéa Insurance, UK.

“OPIN has given me the opportunity to participate with other professionals in several thrilling projects paving the way of Open Insurance. OPIN offers the opportunity to work with other members whose complementary expertise enables to build valuable input for the community. In this context, I currently lead a team within the Legal & Regulatory Lab exploring privacy, security and ethical access to data.”

Anne-Sophie Morvan

Anne-Sophie Morvan
Business Development Manager
LUXHUB, Luxembourg.