The objective of the OPIN lab is to facilitate the collaborative and transparent development of an open standard making the project accessible by anyone.

Remote teams around the world will work together on OPIN standard

The board is now live and publicly accessible for anyone to add their valuable comments and ideas. 

Click here to go the whiteboard.


Licence Notice

All work carried out by the OPIN Innovation Lab in collaboration with its community of members and/or guest users, the following licences will apply:

The Open Insurance Standard will be made available under a CC0 licence -effectively public domain- to allow for its use, reuse and distribution.

Open data in scope will be published under a CC0 licence, to avoid barriers to reuse and “licence chains”.

System software will be made available under an MIT Licence, allowing the software to be as permissive as possible to avoid difficulties when integrating with proprietary software.

Community Code of Conduct is shared by all contributors and users who engage with the OPIN team and its community services. Read here.