The objectives of this think tank are to share our knowledge base and intelligence, to facilitate the collaborative and transparent development of open insurance.

Members benefit from:

+ Research and market studies to discover and compare the Open Insurance movement across the world

+ Co-development of industry views on Open Insurance

+ Collaborate in cross industry initiatives

+ Join Slack channel of community to generate own discussions

+ Display the Open Insurance logo on your website

New Reports Accessible by Members

Ecosystem Maturity Analysis of 10 Insurance Organizations

Using an extensive maturity analysis tool, Robosque has synthesized the strides insurance businesses across the globe have taken to develop viable platform ecosystems.

Based on this synthesis, the report scores 10 platforms demonstrating how they measure up to help integration partners and platform extension developers make informed choices.


Product innovation, business models, API inventories, developer portals, and much more.

This report analyzes how insurance carriers and InsurTech startups deploy insurance APIs (Quoting, Policy Processing and Claims Management) in building partnerships with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.