Associate Membership for InsurTech Startups

Join as Associate Member on application. Annual membership fees are waived. To qualify, an InsurTech startup would have less than GBP5m in annual turnover, raising investment rounds, authorized/ regulated by national regulatory bodies or their activities are solely targeted at insurance operators.

The membership process is straight forward, just complete a simple online application form.

Open Innovation Lab Membership

Membership is open to firms and organizations of all sizes. This includes insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, banks, FinTech platforms, vehicle OEMs, telematics developers, blockchain projects, HealthTech, hardware manufacturers and a whole host of organizations.


+ Participate in or lead Joint Projects

+ Participate in research projects and publications

+ Participate in co-development of Open Insurance standards

+ Participate in cross industry initiatives

+ Drive specification development and requirements

+ Join the Slack workspace with access to a host of the available channels. Community members can provide input on discussions and generate own topics

+ Receive premium research and market studies

Members have the opportunity to get closer to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to also co-develop leading edge frameworks within an open innovation setting.

To receive additional information, please complete the online form.

*available to Open Innovation Lab members only.

OPIN Fellowship

Membership is open to researchers, individuals with professional experience, or exceptional background to develop their ideas by initiating own projects, participate in or lead OPIN's increasing number of projects.

Areas OPIN is interested in developing are wide open. They include legal and regulatory assessments and thought leadership, open data for social good (i.e. financial inclusion), API design and innovation ....

As an open innovation environment, we encourage learning by doing and we're happy to experiment with new approaches and tools.

Further details are available here.

New Reports Accessible by Lab Members

InsurTech marketplaces will transform monolithic systems to agile infrastructures.

The idea is simple, instead of locking an insurer into a monolithic core insurance stack with hard-coded integrations, composable insurance optimizes for speed, agility and freedom.

A research paper exploring this emerging trend.

It is a race to control the customer interface

Insurance operators need to examine the resilience of the traditional customer interface. With Apple’s adoption of the Digital Key, it now exercises control over the customer interface-in and out of the car.

OPIN examines the approach Apple has taken in leveraging its hardware and software in capturing additional value.

Ecosystem Maturity Analysis of 10 Insurance Organizations

Using an extensive maturity analysis tool, Robosque has synthesized the strides insurance businesses across the globe have taken to develop viable platform ecosystems.

Based on this synthesis, the report scores 10 platforms demonstrating how they measure up to help integration partners and platform extension developers make informed choices.


Product innovation, business models, API inventories, developer portals, and much more.

This report analyzes how insurance carriers and InsurTech startups deploy insurance APIs (Quoting, Policy Processing and Claims Management) in building partnerships with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.