The Open Innovation Challenge

Unbundling of the value chain is creating unique challenges demanding industry-led response and activity.

APIs, ecosystems and re-bundling are leading to new paradigm shifts

Open Innovation is a new product development concept

Insurers now compete with companies in variety of verticals

insurance ecosystem

Insurance Companies

  • Share views and agree on scope and depth of sharing growing streams of data and the development of open API spec
  • Tap into and connect with OPIN's curated startup ecosystem
  • Inspiration and partnerships with non-financial industries working with OPIN
  • Research, insights and impact assessment on data access, ecosystems, customer interface and more
  • Jumpstart internal innovation management with a host of projects
insurance ecosystem

Third Parties

  • Closeup view of how ecosystems are impacting the insurance industry
  • Co-develop response to global regulatory and policymaking calls-for-comment/input impacting access to data
  • Work alongside insurers and experiment in cross-industry projects developing proof of concepts and MVPs
  • Explore inward and outward ecosystem partnerships to accelerate the path from raw ideas to scale and sustainability

Access to data takes center stage at OPIN

  • Address core working assumptions for the breadth and context of the data scope and data definitions
  • Generate better overall understanding of data that is useful to customers and data that could be disclosed as open data within the boundaries of a voluntary industry-led initiative
  • Explore legal and regulatory challenges shaping access to customer's data,
  • Future proof a standard that is aligned and interoperable with other data initiatives and fosters reciprocity of shared access to data.

News & Updates

OPIN Data Standard Released

A free and accessible data standard that scales in scope and one that fosters polygamous partnerships with myriads of ecosystems.

The Motor line of business was used as a use case in the preparation of the fist iteration of the data schema.


Italy Working Group Launched

We're taking the initiative to a whole new level in partnership with G2. Laying the foundation for first reference implementation of OPIN standards.


Download White Papers Section

open insurance white paper

The OPIN White Paper

The white paper that introduced the concept of Open Insurance to the world! It provided an overview of the fundamental elements involved in insurers providing open access to their APIs.

Open Insurance a Foundation for Ecosystems

Insurance Platform Ecosystems

This study defines and clarifies how open insurance standards could help in the development of insurance ecosystems, explains the role of smart regulation, network effects, data sharing and open innovation.

From the Open Innovation Lab, a new study

It is a race to control the customer interface

This is a key area of development at OPIN and through its impending work with mobility standards alliances and web standards consortiums, innovations will take on a more industrial scale. more...

OPIN is changing the game

OPIN works across a wide range of technical and commercial domains combining our core purpose of delivering interoperability with a commitment to open innovation.

We anticipate, respond, create and prepare the industry for open-ended transformation.
We explore the boundaries of interoperability in its broadest sense.

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Our objectives are to share our knowledge base and intelligence, to facilitate the collaborative and transparent development of open insurance.