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The Principles of DX Development

For an open API strategy to reinforce the importance of developer experience, there are five principles for developer-centric thinking that add real value. Jarkko Moilanen, Developer Experience lead at Platform of Trust describes how 3 of these principles are about the developers and their daily lives.

Creating an Insurance API Platform

A look at partnering scenarios for insurance companies and what role API marketplaces could play. IBM's digital transformation strategist, Alan Glickenhouse, returns to describe four categories of API monetization models for win-win scenario.

The Tech Lab provides an opportunity for industry experts to share their experience and know how with the community at large.

API Discovery

List your APIs by completing the online form to help developers discover and use insurance related data and services.

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An International Community

Learn, collaborate and celebrate the power of open APIs. We are launching our Slack channel soon and a range of community tools.

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We are bringing the OPEN INSURANCE ROADSHOW to you

Join us for a half-day event to hear about our work and learn how your business can gain a competitive advantage.

These presentations include the latest research on the current state of API adoption and examples of insurance API utilization in other sectors.

We travel the globe to share our insights and develop industry views on API and data standards. Connect with us for more information.


The OPIN White Paper

The white paper that introduced the concept of Open Insurance to the world! It provided an overview of the fundamental elements involved in insurers providing open access to their APIs.

Co-innovation Leads the Way

A study designed to define and clarify major elements of Open Insurance, open APIs, data security and privacy risks, intellectual property rights, data sharing and co-innovation. Coming soon!

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