The OPIN community is developing a global blueprint for open APIs and in doing so it aims to become a research and innovation center, breaking down institutional boundaries and building global partnerships to drive digital innovation at speed and scale, for the benefit of the financial services sector.

This element of the initiative is designed to identify and promote research, case studies and projects changing innovation dynamics across sectors by different actors, including start-ups, incumbents, research institutions and developers.

We welcome contributed content that is designed to inform our readers. Content conveying thought leadership provides important perspective to the community as long as that content is developed in a way that focuses on technology and not on specific company, brand, or product agendas.

What Drives Digital Transformation in an Open Insurance Framework? – Part 1

Emmelyn Wang, Axway's API strategist, sheds light on a set of characteristics necessary to transform to an open insurance framework. These characteristics are grouped under, Availability, Experience and Results and they are individually examined.

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Principles of DX Development

For an open API strategy to reinforce the importance of developer experience, there are, according to Jarkko Moilanen, Developer Experience lead at Platform of Trust, five principles for developer-centric thinking that add real value.

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Creating an Insurance API Platform

A look at partnering scenarios for insurance companies and what role API marketplaces could play. IBM's digital transformation strategist, Alan Glickenhouse, returns to describe four categories of API monetization models for win-win scenario.

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Successful Insurance Partnerships Driven by APIs

Collaboration is the name of the game but legacy systems and entrenched cultures are the wrong ingredients for innovation. Esben Toftdahl Nielsen, Penni's co-founder, explains how incumbents can bridge the gap.

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Key lessons for the insurance industry from Open Banking

Opening up data and services to third parties can potentially prove to be a tremendous advantage. As Open Insurance gathers momentum it is important to take stock of lessons learnt in the banking sector.

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How Insurance Leaders are Embracing Open Insurance

What do AXA, Qover, Euler Hermes, Nationwide, NTUC and AIA have in common? Jon Scheele, APIdays conference organiser describes how  products are embedded into the digital economy.

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The most commonly asked questions in insurance today are tackled by Price Digest's, Brand Marketing Manager, Nadia Davis. She delves into the benefits and the main business drivers of API initiatives.

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Sample API Use Cases for Insurance

IBM's digital transformation strategist, Alan Glickenhouse describes 7 categories of the use case identification methodology he deploys to help with business use case creation in insurance.

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The inaugural article in the Tech Lab has been written by KASKO's co-founder and CTO. This hot InsurTech is transforming the industry.

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