Published on February 15th, 2021 by the team at OPIN.

The insurance space is developing in ways never thought practical by the market.

Customers on the other hand, expect the insurance market to match the seamless experience offered by digital banks, FinTech, ecommerce platforms and Big Tech.

Innovators are using technology to redefine service design and one such manifestation is what is known as One-Click Underwriting (OCU).

Developing Cyber Liability products which make use of OCU presents significant challenges and is one that is best handled by crowd-sourcing ideas and expertise.

This will be a maker's space for collaborative brainstorming, developing underwriting best practices, configuring coverage, collecting data enrichment resources, pushing boundaries with new research and letting our imagination run wild. No product showcasing or promotion allowed.

This is not 1-2 hour webinar or workshop either! A Slack channel will be setup where OPIN community members are expected to contribute knowhow, share views, collectively develop whitepaper/s, build resources and tools that their companies will use. Some of the collaborative resources needed to make this project happen will be provided by OPIN.

The project provides unique expertise building opportunities, engagement with members across the globe and entry to an open innovation environment.

The project launch date will be announced soon. To join the OPIN community, please visit this link.