Pioneers of Insurance External APIs & Developer Portals

It is estimated that only 6% of the world's largest insurance companies have invested in developer portals.

Insurance API pioneers market study

As the first wave of change unfolds, the insurance sector is exploring the potential of APIs and considering developer portal opportunities.

This report studies the efforts of 25 incumbents and InsurTech startups across the globe that satisfied a set of technical criterion for inclusion in the analysis.

Robosque reports that 52% of today’s open APIs do one thing, and that it is to serve and complete a sale completely online.

Very few companies have invested in providing a claims experience to match the streamlined and automated efforts made in distribution.

A glimpse at what products are being developed and how the pioneers are taking the process from front-end engagement through to back-end fulfillment is essential.

Allianz Assistance, Blink, Clyde, KBC Bank, Meteo Protect, Nationwide and Tugo are some of the companies explored in the report.

A report prepared for and accessible by Open Lab members.