Start with an idea. Bring in as many people as you can. And let us build on it together until it grows into something great.

Through internal working groups we're building an infrastructure to unleash some of the smartest minds around.

Mobility Working Group

Neil Walker (Covéa) - group lead

Simon Hickling (Covéa)

Phil Chalk (Covéa)

Martin Dennehy (Covéa)

Kumar Maddali (Telenav)

Lennart Wulff (Situative)

Legal & Regulatory Group

Anne-Sophie Morvan (LUXHUB) - group lead

Andrea Maura (Legal Grounds)

Cristina Hamley (Telenav)

Smart Contracts Group

Coming soon!

Open Insurance Approach

Open Insurance Standard (OPIN)

Our work centers around developing open standards for open interfaces.

OPIN's standards are progressive and will drive innovation to new dimensions.

Cross Ecosystem Alignment

We don't want to be our own island! Work is progressing towards aligning OPIN standards with web standards and with those of industry alliances beyond the insurance ecosystem.

An open innovation environment allowing members to develop relationships with industry leaders and OEMs in mobility, cyber security, travel, PropTech and more.

End-to-end MVPs and proof of concepts are integral part of this work.

A mobility committee is being setup with limited number of seats available. Join OPIN today if you're interested in participating.


one Click Uunderwriting

One Click Underwriting

A maker's space for collaborative brainstorming, developing underwriting best practices, configuring coverage, collecting data enrichment resources, and pushing boundaries with new research.

We innovate on four levels:

+ Frontend

+ Backend

+ Partners

+ Reinsurance and Capital Financing

Next Steps...

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