The Open Insurance Initiative Trademark Policy

The Open Insurance Initiative (OPIN), The Open Innovation Lab, The Open Insurance Institute, The Insurance API Monitor, and Open Insurance logo, either separately or in combination, are hereinafter referred to as "OPIN Trademarks" and are trademarks of the Open Insurance Initiative. Except as provided in these guidelines, you may not use the Open Insurance Trademarks or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for your product/service, or use the Open Insurance Trademarks in any other manner that might cause confusion, including but not limited to in advertising, on websites, or on software. OPIN protects the Open Insurance Trademarks on behalf of its open insurance community. The law obligates trademark owners to police their marks and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us at

Domain names

Use of the OPIN trademarks, including "Open Insurance Initiative", "Open Insurance Institute", "OPIN Lab", "Open Insurance Lab", or "Insurance API Monitor" in an internet domain name is not permissible without the written permission of OPIN.


Logo Usage Guidelines

For more information about the requirements for logo size, appearance, placement, and other considerations, please refer to the Logo Usage Guidelines for the Open Insurance Initiative trademarks.