It is the mix of exceptional individuals that makes our community unique

It is human nature to find common threads with one another. While OPIN is technical in nature, a key feature of OPIN is its community.

The first thing that the initiative aimed to do at its inception, was to build a global community around the project. But, we don't see the community merely as a group of people.

The real value of a successful community is when knowledge, experience and most importantly connections are shared. Like any social group, each community has its own culture and expectations. We work hard to empower and encourage our members to achieve their own goals, technological or otherwise. We are also motivated by the special things that could emerge from interactions.

Role of OPIN

Almost 300 organizations have joined the community including insurers, banking platforms, InsurTech startups and VCs.

◊ 52% Founders or CEOs

◊  40% CTOs or CIOs

◊  From more than 35 Countries

All of the projects that the think tank initiates require participation. It is not a new way of doing things in the tech world but it definitely is in insurance. The fact that people and companies are making use of what the community builds is what drives the community to create more.