Mobility Group Kickoff Meeting

What a week we have in store for the community! We’ve got new members, an automotive development team, and researchers, all are already hard at work building special things.

Since Jan 2021, we have launched more than 15 projects. Some have been completed and others are ongoing and they include extensions to the data model to include more lines of business, data alignment projects and the development of MVPs and PoCs.

Let's add a reality check! From the smallest of startups to the largest institutions, data access, and more importantly, data usage has to be the single most defining factor in developing connected insurance and AI tailored solutions.

But that is not quite possible today, if you consider that only 32% of the data collected by insurers is being put to work. That is a whopping 68% that goes unleveraged!

We believe addressing the challenge of sharing access to data begins with educating people of the benefits of collaborative problem solving. OPIN's open innovation platform provides hands on opportunities for its members to work together on multi-months projects.

One such project is the data alignment and development of proof of concepts with leading automotive alliances. Today saw the kickoff of discussions to explore the approach and end goals for such partnership.

OPIN's Automotive Group is being led by Neil Walker. He is being assisted by Simon Hickling, Phil Chalk, Martin Dennehy, Kumar Maddali and Lennart Wulff.