Everyone must be able to participate in creating a better ecosystem

Do you want to expand your community, apply pioneering research and expertise?

Join our thriving community of changemakers, innovators and entrepreneurs

Provide inspiration for new ideas and help resolve challenges 

Connect and learn-by-doing in a creative setting

OPIN Innovation Lab

What you will be doing as a fellow

Collaborative solution development 

You may join an existing project or initiate your own. Develop new solutions including scalable, insurable products to address interoperability challenges.

All projects are built around collaborative input and action, a concept that supports our open innovation framework.

Thought leadership

Help us to continue building our innovation framework and generate meaningful content to be used across markets.

OPIN does not miss opportunities in responding to consultations and calls for input on matters related to Open Insurance. We have a role to play in developing smart and adaptive regulations.

Exploring boundaries

Explore some of the more technical concepts and principles in:

  • data modelling
  • API design
  • smart contracts (blockchain)
  • IoT/IIoT
  • product pricing and one click underwriting
  • cross-sector standards alignment and use case development

We're only scratching the surface!

Championing open source culture

Apply some of the concepts and solutions developed at OPIN within your organization and make them available to the industry at large. OPIN champions open standards and open source code.

Use what you develop at OPIN, extend it and redistribute it. All standards and software developed will be open licensed.


Our criteria

The OPIN think tank is a values-based organisation. We are open, optimistic, pioneering, enabling and rigorous. We welcome all those aligned with these values, who share our vision of a better future; one where everyone can participate in its creation.

We will always be a home for those committed to positive change.

To become a Fellow, you must:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in one of the areas or concepts under development at OPIN
  • Fulfil at least two of the following criteria: creativity, enterprise, innovation, insight and experience, leadership, repute, responsibility, service, and influence and contribution.
  • Have interest in pursuing professional excellence both as an innovator and a member of the OPIN community.
  • Make a financial contribution: an annual subscription of £650

How can OPIN Fellowship help you?

Our Fellows come from a wide range of backgrounds and roles with a common aspiration of promoting themselves and our industry to the wider world. As a Fellow you’ll benefit from:

  • increased recognition with peers and employers
  • opportunities to shape the future of insurance by joining projects, panels and discussions
  • being able to give back as a mentor or ambassador to entrepreneurs
smart contacts

Application process

You’ll need to complete an online application form and you may expect an online conversation of up to half an hour with an OPIN representative or an advisory board member.

OPIN limits the number of fellowships to match the needs of ongoing or planned projects. We don't publish the number of needed fellows in any one year as we are interested in continuously enriching our pool of talent.