The OPIN initiative moves into top gear

Since the publication of the Open Insurance whitepaper on August 6th, 2018, it has been emboldening to see the wide-spread interest in Open Insurance.

A huge number of conversations, presentations and interviews encompassing a varied scope of players within and outside the financial services sector. It has been a big opportunity of self-discovery, learning and friendship making.

From the beginning, several phases were planned, the first was about the launch, raising awareness of the initiative and its objectives, the second is about laying the foundation for an ecosystem around Open Insurance and the third is about the drive towards main stream adoption.

Phase 1
This phase was about the launch, promoting the initiative, starting a community, assessing interest, understanding our first audience, adding online resources and putting together a team of advisors.

Some of the achievements of phase 1:

  1. Whitepaper downloads: more than 2500
  2. The article: The time is right for an open insurance initiative, was the second most read article on InsurtechNews in 2018.
  3. We were runners up in the Insurance Nexus innovation awards 2018
  4. OPIN has joined two UK based innovation hubs including that of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  5. A community of more than 50 incumbents and startups

Phase 2
We have a busy agenda for the next 12 months as we prepare online resources, start to release statistics, organize meetups, develop industry views on data API standards and open insurance regulation, launch our workshop program, the publication of a second whitepaper and plenty more!

If you are company that publishes insurance related APIs, we would like to hear from you. An online form is available at to help you provide all the information we require to build a free and open source API directory. This area will be developed to provide a great online resource for developers.

Getting in touch with us is easy, simply drop us a line. We are always happy to initiate new conversations.